Vintage Khotan (Samarkand) Rug BB5167

Vintage Khotan (Samarkand) Rug Description:

The central medallion design of this Khotan rug is a circular coat of arms or insignia design. At its center, the medallion features a symmetrical, mirrored rose motif design pattern. The rose shapes are colored visually pleasing hues of orange and red. These rose designs are encased within an abstract, snowflake shaped form.

The field of this oriental carpet is a chroma saturated tinge of vibrant sunburst orange. Orange, beige and celadon colored, circular and box shaped abstract snowflake designs are stylistically arranged within the field. This arrangement also creates impressive, visual color contrasts. The corner bracket quadrant designs are comprised of red, white and root colored curvilinear shapes that are intertwined and symmetrical. The main border features interlacing four leaf petal designs against a black backdrop. The guard border features a repeating line of golden yellow boxes.

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