Antique Indian Carpet BB5194

Antique Indian Carpet Description:

This early 19th Century antique North Indian rug is a study in detail; the all-over design is an elaborate compilation of arabesques - curving designs featuring intertwined floral and vine figures, often seen in intricate workshop north indian rugs associated with Persian and Indian rug weaving. The antique carpet is also patterned with boteh, a pear-shaped figure often used in oriental rug designs and characteristic of the paisley pattern. Here, the boteh represents leaves and flowers and repeats consistently amongst the other curvilinear shapes.

The designs are in muted shades of pink, purple and green against a field of light gray. The main border features more floral and leaf curlicue shapes in red, green and bluish-gray on a background of beige. While the rugs for sale that were made during the late 19th century in India recall Mughal designs, they were, for the most part, finely-knotted interpretations of both classical Indian and Persian traditions, often in subtle color palettes to cater to European decorative preferences.

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