Vintage French Modernist Carpet BB5219

Vintage French Modernist Carpet Description:

This solid blue vintage French Modernist area rug is a bold statement representative of a definitive and daring art movement. The social upheaval and industrialization changes of the 20th century spawned an abstract, innovate form of art that inspired both fashion and home decor. The simple yet daring look of this vintage carpet is evocative of some of the greatest contemporary works of modernist art, from Kazimir Malevich to Barnett Newman (think "Black Square" or the primeval "Onement VI" on display at Sotheby's in New York).

In France, avant-garde fashion designers such as Pierre Cardin contributed their innovative style to textiles as well. Decorative arts of the European Deco period, sometimes known as the Machine Age, are characterized by a streamlined appearance; this vintage French european deco rug is representative of mid-century modernist design.

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