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Vintage French Deco Rug

Vintage French Deco Rug BB4849


Moroccan tribal rugs are stylistically woven the way they are due to artistic pride and the pragmatic life necessities of nomadic loom weavers. The Moroccan carpet designs employed by the multitude of local sovereign tribes are region-specific and individualistic. This is what gives them their much sought after look. The narrow, rectangular open field of this flat weave rug is creatively devoid of a central medallion, corner brackets, guard border and main border. The open field of this rug is colored a natural wool tone. The top half of the vintage Moroccan tapestry displays two length long rows of sparsely distanced the closely spaced vertical zig zag patterns. The open field, woven patterns then progressively transition into different and alternating horizontal colored layers of brown, black and weave-stitched ‘x’ marks.

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Item No.: BB4849 Circa: 1930 Size: 3'10" × 10'4" (116 × 314 cm)