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Vintage Chinese Silk Rug

Vintage Chinese Silk Rug BB5240

Price: $50,000

This exquisite vintage Chinese silk rugs features a medallion containing traditional oriental designs in blue against a field of abstract geometric shapes in a shade of brown. Geometry meets natural florals in this elaborate carpet that borrows from the Art Deco tradition.Knot designs approximating the “endless knot” – a Buddhist emblem symbolizing long duration commonly used in traditional antique oriental rugs – complete the look of age as it meets and is reinterpreted by modernity.

Chinese silk, following a route known later as the Silk Road, reached the distant Roman Empire along the coast of the Mediterranean in the Han and Tang dynasties, and China enjoyed fame as the Land of Silk in the East. Chinese Silk rugs differ radically from their main Islamic counterparts by using traditional Buddhist and Taoist motifs, and blue, apricot and yellow as their main colors. A well-made silk vintage rug is durable, which is an indespensible quality in this unique vintage Chinese carpet.

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Item No.: BB5240 Size: 6'0" × 9'10" (182 × 299 cm)Categories: , , ,