Persian Mazandaran Kilim BB6422

Persian Mazandaran Kilim Description:

Many people associate Persian rugs with pile-weaves not realizing there is a category of exceptional kilims coming from the faraway Mazandaran Province in the northern part of Iran. These hand-crafted beauties, in village tradition included in dowries or hung to insulate and decorate walls, were introduced to the West only in the 1990s’ and immediately stole the hearts of designers and tastemakers alike. Among several types of Mazandaran creations, the ones with solid fields or horizontal stripes prevail. The antique kilim rugs before your eye is a venerable example of this beautiful and timeless type of flat-weaves. Its design represents absolute simplicity with no pattern, no particular texture and a natural, sandy beige color. However, if one looks closely enough, he may spot delicate, barely visible rhomboidal shapes on the field, formed in the process of weaving. This Persian rug was masterly hand-executed in accordance with centuries-long weaving techniques of the finest wool. Its minimalistic appeal makes it perfect for both classic and contemporary interiors – there are no boundaries for this incredible Persian Mazandaran kilim.

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