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People from all different regions, faiths, and racial groups have created area rugs for centuries. Stylistically vintage rugs have the same appeal as vintage furniture. They are clearly defined by the 20th century and by the celebration of new ideas and values for a modern lifestyle. Fine art and quality craftsmanship are two of the main components of vintage rug design. Vintage rugs were typically made after 1920. Antique rugs are considered to be made before the 1920.

The modern design movement first emerged in the 1920's. It has evolved through interpreting modern design through the mid-20th century. Modernism is a great reflection of the transition from the era of the Victorian salons into the era of cafe society.

Art Deco represented for a very long time has represented high fashion and luxury in France. The studios of Emile Jacques Ruhlmann, Jules Leleu, Paul Follot and Maurice Dufrene are probably the best known for this type of interior decoration. Ivan Da Silva Bruhns and Paule Leleu, the daughter of Jules Leleu designed rugs for the house of Leleu while Suzanne Guiguichon was designing rugs for Maurice Dufrene. Other infamous rug designers included Marion Dorn, Jules Coudyser, Rene Crevel and Vladimir Boberman. Bold colorful floral designs and graphic geometric patterns were equally popular during this time period.

Simultaneously the famous Bauhaus school was founded in Germany with the philosophy of combining fine art training and apprenticeships with craftsmen and theoretical instruction. The most widely known Bauhaus weavers included Johannes Iten, Gunta Stolz and Anni Albers. The Bauhaus school and movement is credited with having unsurpassed influence on art deco rugs and is clearly apparent in Scandinavian rug design.

Scandinavian rugs and particularly Swedish Rugs have become known for intricate weaving techniques, exceptional color palettes and most importantly their compatibility with modern and also contemporary interiors. Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom is widely recognized as one of the most influential Designers and weavers of Swedish rugs establishing her own company in 1919. Barbro Nilsson became the director and chief designer of the company in 1942 after Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom’s death the year before. Other important designers of Swedish rugs in the mid 20th century include Ingrid Dessau, Marin Hemmingson, Sigvard Bernadotte, Brita Grahn, Edna Martin and Viola Grasten. All of whom were designing throughout the mid 20th century and even later in history. Vintage carpets have recently gained in popularity for interior designers due to their frequently minimalistic designs and muted color palettes.

Rug production in China during this period was absolutely influenced by the fine Art Deco rugs being produced in France. Chinese Deco rugs tend to be more floral than geometric. These beautiful rugs do appear to have an Asian influence particularly in the use of colors, occasionally bamboo vines, and leaves. They are also clearly modern in the scale of the design.

Also included in the vintage rugs category are Moroccan rugs. Moroccan rugs have a very unique and distinct look. They typically have tribal patterns and are graphic and geometric. Moroccan rug motifs influenced designers such as Ivan Da Silva Bruhn and Vladimir Boberman. American Interior Designer Francis Elkins used them in some of her most notable interiors in the 1930's and 1940's.

At the same time the modernist movement was growing rapidly in the United States and was widely accepted here most likely as a result of major exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art and at the Metropolitan Museum. These exhibitions presented the movement to the masses. Some of the most notable textile and rug designers working in the United States included Donald Desky, Stanislav V'Soske, Eliel Saarinen, Loja Saarinen (the mother of Eero Saarinen) and Ruth Reeves. After the close of the Bauhaus school many of the architects and designers associated with the school immigrated to The United States including Josef and Anni Albers.

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A Vintage Moroccan Rug BB5757

Size: 5'1" × 3'5'' Circa: 1940
A second quarter 20th century Moroccan rug, the cocoa field with a modern geometric lattice design.

Item No: BB5757

A Swedish Flat Weave Rug BB5801

Size:9'8" x 6'2" Circa:1940
An early 20th century Swedish flat weave rug.

Item No: BB5801

A Samarkand Rug BB5817

Size:9'2" x 5' Circa:1930
An early 20th century Samarkand rug.

Item No: BB5817

A Swedish Pile Rug "Algo" by Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom BB5385

Size: 10'1'' × 7' Circa: 1933

Item No: BB5385

A Vintage Moroccan Rug BB5758

Size: 6'6'' × 2'10" Circa: 1940
A Vintage Moroccan wool rug with an all over multi color abstract patchwork design.

Item No: BB5758

A Viantage Swedish Rug BB5802

Size:7' x 5'5" Circa:1940
A late 20th century Swedish carpet.

Item No: BB5802

A Samarkand Rug BB5818

Size: 8' x 4'5" Circa:1930
A second quarter 20th century Samarkand (Khotan) carpet, with abstract floral motifs around three central polychrome roundels, within a polychrome modern-looking striped border.

Item No: BB5818

A Vintage Moroccan Rug BB5762

Size:7'7" x 4'10" Circa:1940
A Vintage Moroccan rug beige and brown with a geometric design.

Item No: BB5762

A Samarkand Rug BB5803

Size:7'2" x 5' Circa:1920
An early 20th century Samarkand rug,the light brown field with flowering branches and rosettes and a central dusty rose roundel containing pomegranate vinery within a dusty rose polychrome rosette...

Item No: BB5803

A Spanish Savonnerie rug BB5821

Size: 9' × 6' Circa: 1940
A mid 20th century Spanish Savonnerie antique rug, the celadon field with unusual blue abstract flowerheads ...

Item No: BB5821

A Vintage Moroccan Rug BB5761

Size:8' x 5'7" Circa: 1940
A Vintage Moroccan rug with a plain beige background.

Item No: BB5761

A Samarkand Rug BB5805

Size:5'5" x 3'9" Circa:1920
An early 20th century Samarkand rug, with a trellis overall of angular vinery and abstract flowerheads within striped and key pattern borders.

Item No: BB5805

A Swedish Flat Weave Rug by Marta Rinde Ramsback BB5824

Size: 9'10" x 6'5" Circa: 1930
An early 20th century swedish flat weave rug sing by Marta Rinde- Ramsback

Item No: BB5824

A Swedish Flatweave Rug (The Park) BB5204

Size: 7' × 4'2'' Circa: 1943
A Swedish Flatweave tapestry technique designed in 1943 by Barbro Nilsson.

Item No: BB5204

A Swedish Flat Weave Rug Signed VB BB5394

Size: 7'9'' × 5'3'' Circa: 1950

Item No: BB5394

A Vintage Moroccan Rug BB5760

Size:11'6" x 4'8" Circa 1940

Item No: BB5760

A Samarkand Rug BB5806

Size:9' x 4'6" Circa:1920
An early 20th century Samarkand rug,with a mirrored design of abstract flowerheads and vases issuing flowering vinery around.

Item No: BB5806

A Swedish Flat Weave Rug BB5829

Size: 10'8" x 7' Circa: 1940
A late 20th century Swedish flat weave rug.

Item No: BB5829

A Vintage Moroccan Rug BB5759

Size:9'10" x 4'6" Circa:1940

Item No: BB5759

A Samarkand Rug BB5807

Size:8'2" x 3'8" Circa:1900
An early 20th century Samarkand rug, with flowerheads and abstract floral motifs around three central roundels, within a polychrome modern-looking striped and fretwork border.

Item No: BB5807

A Swedish Flat Weave Rug BB5826

Size: 7' x 5' Circa: 1940
A late 20th century Swedish flat weave rug.

Item No: BB5826

A Moroccan Rug BB5763

Size: 6'2" x 2'6" Circa 1940

Item No: BB5763

An Arts & Craft Rug BB5808

Size:15' x 10'2" Circa:1920
An early 20th century Arts & Crafts by Voysey Rug.

Item No: BB5808

A Swedish Flat Weave Rug BB5825

Size: 9' x 6' Circa: 1935
An early 20th century Swedish flat weave rug.

Item No: BB5825

A Vintage Moroccan Rug BB5764

Size: 8'8" x 4'10" Circa:1940

Item No: BB5764
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