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A Spanish carpet BB0100
Size: 22'3'' × 11'7'' Circa: 1940
A mid century rug from Spain on a chocolate brown background with an ivory trellis design framed by a ribbon design...
Item No: BB0100
A Viennese carpet BB1024
Size: 15'9'' × 8' Circa: 1920
A modern early 20th century Viennese carpet from the sky blue field with bold curving lines and vines radiating...
Item No: BB1024
A Spanish rug BB1348
Size: 15' × 14'3'' Circa: 1900
A circular example from our collection of early 20th century Spanish antique rugs, the sand field with a neo-classical...
Item No: BB1348
A Deco rug BB1943
Size: 9'9'' × 6'10'' Circa: 1940
A modern second quarter 20th century Deco rug having an abrashed cinnamon field with a bold oatmeal-colored...
Item No: BB1943
A European carpet BB2490
Size: 13'3'' × 8'11'' Circa: 1940
A mid 20th century European rug, the open turquoise field with a spacious ivory design of a delicate vinery formed...
Item No: BB2490
A Viennese rug BB2745
Size: 16'4'' × 12' Circa: 1930
A second quarter 20th century Viennese carpet, the rich orange open field with a bold geometric vinery design...
Item No: BB2745
An Art Deco rug BB2951
Size: 12'8'' × 8'7'' Circa: 1920
An early 20th century art deco carpet, the pinkish ivory field with stepped pink and beige lines overall forming...
Item No: BB2951
A Spanish rug BB3188
Size: 15' × 11'2'' Circa: 1940
A second quarter 20th century Spanish carpet, the sand field with a restrained overall pattern of blue and gold...
Item No: BB3188
A Scandinavian rug BB3400
Size: 9'10'' × 6'5'' Circa: 1940
A second quarter 20th century Scandinavian rug having a simple overall design of carefully arranged solid rectiline...
Item No: BB3400
A Mongolian carpet BB3593
Size: 11'1'' × 8'7'' Circa: 1900
An early 20th century antique Mongolian rug, the chocolate brown field with sparse staggered flowers around...
Item No: BB3593
A Khotan (Samarkand) rug BB3759
Size: 15' × 10'7'' Circa: 1900
An early 20th century Khotan (Samarkand) antique two-toned rug, the beige field with an unusual geometric irregular tile...
Item No: BB3759
A Moroccan carpet BB4036
Size: 19'5'' × 10' Circa: 1940
A second quarter 20th century Moroccan carpet, the rust field with abstract floral motifs around five diamond medal...
Item No: BB4036
A Japanese rug BB4200
Size: 5'10'' × 3'1'' Circa: 1940
A second quarter 20th century Japanese rug, the oatmeal field with an enlarged design of curving leafy vinery...
Item No: BB4200
A Hooked rug BB4332
Size: 11'9'' × 8'7'' Circa: 1940
A mid 20th century hooked rug having a navigational theme with a sun, stars, birds, a wheel and compass along...
Item No: BB4332
A Samarkand (Khotan) carpet BB4374
Size: 10'1'' × 3'9'' Circa: 1900
An early 20th century Samarkand (Khotan) rug, the tan field with various vinery formed roundels around a dark blue...
Item No: BB4374
A Samarkand (Khotan) rug BB4393
Size: 7'2'' × 4'9'' Circa: 1900
An early 20th century Samarkand (Khotan) rug, the oatmeal field with flowering branches and rosettes and a central ...
Item No: BB4393
A pair of Chinese Deco carpets BB4462
Size: 6'7'' × 4' Circa: 1930
A pair of Chinese Art Deco carpets from the early 20th century, the open light brown field with an enlarged broad...
Item No: BB4462
A Vintage Moroccan rug BB4550
Size: 8'4'' × 6'2'' Circa: 1940
A second quarter 20th century Moroccan rug having a thin brown stripe surrounding an overall lozenge lattice contai...
Item No: BB4550
A Scandinavian rug BB4650
Size: 7'10'' × 5'2'' Circa: 1940
A mid 20th century Scandinavian rug, the open beige field punctuated by six pairs of minor orange triangles between...
Item No: BB4650
A Samarkand (Khotan) rug
Size: 9'1'' × 8'9'' Circa: 1900
An antique Samarkand (Khotan) rug with an orange field beneath a restrained geometric lattice of angular floral motifs...
Item No: BB4742
A Moroccan rug
Size: 9'7'' × 6'7'' Circa: 1940
This light brown vintage example is one of the more modern Moroccan rugs in the collection with its minimal green stripes on...
Item No: BB4785
A Moroccan rug
Size: 14'10'' × 5'7'' Circa: 1950
A vintage Moroccan rug with a complex allover rug design of a zigzags, diamonds, and triangles in a vibrant palette of red,...
Item No: BB4810
A Samarkand (Khotan) Rug
Size: 8'9'' × 4'6'' Circa: 1900
Antique Samarkand (Khotan) Rug with an abstract geometric Asian inspired motif and a striped diagonal border...
Item No: BB4872
A Swedish Rug by Ellen Stahlbrand BB4943
Size: 10'3'' × 7'5'' Circa: 1940
A Swedish Flat Weave Rug signed ES and attributed to Ellen Stahlbrand. There is a dominant green field that has asubtle irregular...
Item No: BB4943
A Swedish Rug BB4975
Size: 17'8'' × 10'6'' Circa: 1940
A Swedish Flat Weave Rug Designed by Sofia Widen with a play on overlapping diamond motifs that create a modern geometric design...
Item No: BB4975
A French Deco Rug BB5010
Size: 10' × 6'8'' Circa: 1930
A French Deco Rug with a geometric and linear design rendered with multiple shades of blue with camel, taupe, brown and black...
Item No: BB5010
A Swedish Rug BB5068
Size: 8'6'' × 4'9'' Circa: 1940
A Swedish Flat Weave Rug with an overall geometric mirrored design delineated by a single ivory stripe...
Item No: BB5068
A French Deco Rug BB5110
Size: 12'6'' × 9' Circa: 1940
A modern French Deco rug that color blocks circular shapes to create an abstract butterfly design...
Item No: BB5110
A Moroccan Rug BB5144
Size: 8' × 4'2'' Circa: 1940
A Vintage Moroccan rug with a multi colored diamond stripe that runs down the center...
Item No: BB5144
A Deco Rug BB5192
Size: 10'0'' × 6'8'' Circa: 1940
A Deco Rug
Item No: BB5192

Proliferating in regions where the winters were long, the climate cold and the economy limited, American hooked rugs were traditionally made by pulling a narrow strip of cut fabric up through a foundation material with a special tool. Settling in coastal New England and Canada, the fishermen, farmers and the womenfolk who emigrated from Northern Europe, brought with them traditional crafts and a common culture that led to the evolution of handmade rugs that are now considered a significant category of American folk art. Motifs for American hooked rugs were often inspired by the maker's natural environment consisting of sea shells, fallen leaves, animals, the family dog, buildings, flowers, baskets, seascapes and landscape vignettes.

From the early 1800's through the middle years of the twentieth century these original compositions allowed the rug makers an opportunity to freely express their creativity. Rag rugs were originally created out of necessity, with limited supplies and only the simplest tools used to braid and crochet useful floor coverings from scraps of discarded fabric. Because of their authenticity and beauty, antique American hooked rugs and rag rugs are keenly sought after.