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Antique Chinese carpets have a very long and distinguished history that is largely independent of rug designs from the Middle East. Often related more to the tradition of silk textiles, antique Chinese rugs and carpets were produced in medallion as well as all over formats. These tend to be more open and spacious than Oriental carpets from the Middle East . Often they contain prominent pictorial elements - trees, clouds, mountains, dragons and various animals. Colors are generally soft with emphasis on blues, golds, and ivories.

However, twentieth-century Chinese rugs could at times be quite spare in design, catering to modern western or Art Deco taste, and quite radical in color. The most recognizable rugs from the 1920's and 1930 were made by Walter Nichols, and American who manufactured deco carpets in Tientsin. They were usually made of wool and the finest silk while depicting exotic Asian flowers and birds in very rich, bold colors like magenta, turquoise, emerald and ruby.
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A Chinese Rug BB5745

Size:9'7" x 5' Circa:1920

Item No: BB5745

A Chinese Rug BB5744

Size:10'2" × 5'10" Circa: 1850

Item No: BB5744

An Antique Chinese Rug BB5491

Size:11'9" × 9' Circa: 1900

Item No: BB5491

An Antique Chinese Rug BB5492

Size: 9'7" × 9'2" Circa: 1900

Item No: BB5492

An Antique Chinese Rug BB5493

Size: 8' × 5' Circa: 1900

Item No: BB5493

A Chinese Deco Rug BB4893

Size: 18'9'' × 11' Circa: 1920
A Chinese Deco Rug with a very subtle design throughout the field. The field is silhouetted onto the border. ...

Item No: BB4893

A Deco Chinese Rug BB5632

Size: 6'7'' × 4' Circa: 1940

Item No: BB5632

A Chinese Rug BB5630

Size: 16'9'' × 13'5'' Circa: 1939

Item No: BB5630

A Chinese Rug BB5731

Size:9'4" x 4'10" Circa:1920

Item No: BB5731

An Antique Chinese Rug BB5732

Size: 8' x 5' Circa:1920

Item No: BB5732

A Chinese rug BB5654

Size: 14'9'' × 13'4'' Circa: 1870
A late 19th century Chinese antique rug, the camel field with peonies, vinery and blue leaves around a central ...

Item No: BB5654

A Chinese Deco rug BB5674

Size: 26'3'' × 15' Circa: 1920
An early 20th century Chinese antique rug, the golden yellow field with rows of alternating blue and ivory ...

Item No: BB5674

A Silk Chinese Rug BB5626

Size: 11'1'' × 7'6''

Item No: BB5626

A Chinese carpet BB5673

Size: 17'5'' × 16' Circa: 1900
An early 20th century Chinese antique rug, the camel field with vinery and medallions containing light green forms ...

Item No: BB5673

An Antique Chinese carpet BB5513

Size: 10'3'' × 7'8'' Circa: 1920
An early 20th century Chinese rug, the faded golden yellow field with vinery around enlarged medallions containing ...

Item No: BB5513

A Chinese Art Deco rug BB5544

Size: 19'1'' × 9'9'' Circa: 1940
A second quarter 20th century Chinese Deco rug, the sand field with tan seed pearls in rows overall ...

Item No: BB5544

A Chinese Rug BB5611

Size: 9'8'' × 7'

Item No: BB5611

A Chinese Deco carpet BB5536

Size: 17'6'' × 10'5'' Circa: 1920
An early 20th century Chinese Deco rug, the golden yellow field with leafy vinery and dusty rose lotus blossoms ...

Item No: BB5536

A Chinese Deco rug BB5530

Size: 15'4'' × 9'10'' Circa: 1940
A second quarter 20th century Chinese Deco rug, the camel field with lotuses and vinery around an enlarged cusped ...

Item No: BB5530

A Chinese Deco Rug BB5399

Size: 17'3'' × 13'7'' Circa: 1920

Item No: BB5399

A Deco Chinese Rug BB5358

Size: 5'6'' × 3' Circa: 1920

Item No: BB5358

A Chinese Silk Rug BB5240

Size: 9'10'' × 6'

Item No: BB5240

A Chinese Deco Rug BB5193

Size: 16'1'' × 11'10'' Circa: 1920
This art Deco rug from China has an open striated brown field with naturalistic floral motifs sparsely placed in the composition within a open border...

Item No: BB5193

A Chinese Rug BB5158

Size: 7'8'' × 4'1'' Circa: 1880
Late 19th century silk and metal chinese rug...

Item No: BB5158

A Chinese Deco Rug BB5126 (size adjusted)

Size: 23'5'' × 12'2'' Circa: 1920
An Early 20th Century Chinese Rug that has a geometric shadow pattern...

Item No: BB5126
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