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No matter your preference for color, texture, style or vintage, Doris Leslie Blau offers the widest selection of antique Persian rugs and vintage Persian carpets for sale to fulfill your dreams. Oriental carpets and Oriental rugs are notable for the wide variety of styles in which they are available and antique Persian carpets are among the most desireable. Whatever you are looking for, from room-size rugs to antique area rugs, there is an antique or vintage Persian rug to suit your taste.

The Golden Age of Persian carpet weaving occurred during the Safavid dynasty, when Shah Tahmasp (1524-1587) began establishing court factories for carpet production. Prior to this time, the production of rugs in the region was primarily a village craft, defined by use of simple rectilinear patterns. Following the Afghan invasion in 1722, there was a significant decline in Persian carpet production until the late nineteenth century when European demand for Persian rugs contributed to a major revival in the art form. Persian carpet designs can be divided into two main categories - city (formal) rugs, which were made in workshops, are known for their finely-woven and often intricate designs, and village rugs (informal), which are widely varied in their unique blends of city and nomadic motifs and techniques.  The most important formal rugs come from Tabriz, Kashan, Kirman, Doroksh, Khorassan, Meshad, Tehran, and Sarouk and the most well-known villages included Malayer, Sarab, Bakhtiar, Bakshaish, Sultanabad, Bibikabad, Senneh, Fereghan, Heriz, Hamadan and Shiraz.

In Persia, each region, and sub-region, has its own unique design iconography that has been handed down from one generation to the next ensuring that each is distinct and special despite a basic commonality of construction. The type of material used, the method of tying knots and the density of knots per inch, combined with specific design schemes all give a unique cultural fingerprint to each carpet or rug. These distinctions make the search for an antique Persian rug an exciting romp through Persian culture and history. Antique Persian carpets and vintage Persian carpets, among all the antique Oriental rugs available, are notable for their wide variety of styles. Whatever you are looking for from room-size rugs to antique area rugs, there is an antique or vintage rug to suit your taste. When you are in the market for an Antique Persian rug you are not merely searching out old Persian carpets or just any antique silk rugs. An antique Persian rug’s price can vary tremendously depending on the quality of the original craftsmanship (looking at things like the complexity and importance of the design, the material used, the number of knots per inch, the current condition of the rug, etc.). Thus, a wise buyer does not simply search for antique Persian rugs on eBay, but relies on an expert guide in selecting the best quality and best fit to meet their unique needs without sacrificing value. After all, you don’t just want to find used Persian rugs; you want to find the quality and design that reflect your good taste.

So whether you are looking for a large, formal antique Persian carpet crafted in a large city or a smaller Antique Persian nomadic rug, you are sure to find what you seek while searching through our inventory of Antique and vintage Persian rugs and carpets.

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A Persian Baktiari rug BB5736

Size: 16'5'' × 12'9'' Circa: 1900
An early 20th century Persian Bakhtiari rug having an overall geometrc motifs design in shades of brown and blues .

Item No: BB5736

A Persian Khorassan rug BB5793

Size: 12'2" x 11'7" Circa: 1900
A 19th Century Persian Khorassan Rug rendered in a contemporary blue and brown color palette.

Item No: BB5793

A Persian Tabriz carpet BB5737

Size: 16'7'' × 10'9'' Circa: 1920
A early 19th century Persian Tabriz antique rug, the gray-blue field with a palmette and flowering vine trellis overall within a rust palmet.

Item No: BB5737

A Persian Kirman Rug BB5796

Size: 11'10" x 9'10" Circa:1900

Item No: BB5796

A Persian Tabriz Carpet BB5739

Size: 12'8" x 9' Circa: 1920

Item No: BB5739

A Persian Meshad rug (size adjusted) BB5798

Size:10'2" x 9' Circa:1900
An early 20th century Persian Meshad carpet,the indigo blue field with an allover trellis of flowering vinery, palmettes and bold feathery leaves within a camel floral motif border.

Item No: BB5798

A Persian Tabriz Carpet BB5741

Size: 9'10" x 7' Circa:1920
A 1920 Persian Tabriz carpet.

Item No: BB5741

A Persian Khorassan rug BB5814

size: 20'4" x 15'2" Circa:1920
An early 20th century Persian Khorassan antique rug.

Item No: BB5814

A Persian Tabriz carpet BB5750

Size: 19'6" x 12'7" Circa:1920
an early 20th Century Persian Tabriz carpet with An all over light blue background garden design.

Item No: BB5750

A Persian Hamadan rug (Size adjusted) BB5822

Size: 9' x 2'4" Circa:1880
An Early 20th century Hamadan Rug.

Item No: BB5822

A Persian Meshad Rug BB5753

Size: 9'1" x 6'6" Circa:1920
A 1920 Persian Meshad rug with an all over garden design.

Item No: BB5753

A Persian Sultanabad Rug BB5830

Size: 13' x 12' Circa:1920
An early 20th century Sultanabad rug.

Item No: BB5830

A Pesrsian Tabriz rug BB5754

Size: 10'3" x 7' Circa:1920

Item No: BB5754

A Persian Meshad rug BB5831

Size: 17'5" x 12' Circa:1920
An early 20th century Persian Meshad rug.

Item No: BB5831

A Persian Sultanabad BB5718

Size: 9'4" x 8'7" Circa:1900
An early 20th century Persian Sultanabad carpet

Item No: BB5718

A Persian Meshad rug BB5770

Size:14'3" x 9'6" Circa: 1920

Item No: BB5770

An Antique Kirman Rug BB5719

Size: 12' x 6'6" Circa: Circa: 1880
A late 19th century antique Persian Kirman (Kerman) rug, with an all over design of unusually Damask rose motif.

Item No: BB5719

A Persian Tabriz rug BB5771

Size: 13'7" x 10' Circa: 1920

Item No: BB5771

A Persian Tabriz carpet BB5720

Size: 13' x 10' Circa: 1920
A Northwest Persian Tabriz antique rug the multicolored stepped lozenge lattice overall in shades of blue, sand and light brown colors...

Item No: BB5720

A Persian Tabriz Antique Rug BB5775

Size: 17'1" x 10'10" Circa:1920

Item No: BB5775

A Persian Meshad rug BB5721

Size: 15'10" x 11'8" Circa: 1900
An early 20th century Persian Meshad (Meshed) antique rug.

Item No: BB5721

A Persian Tabriz rug BB5781

Size: 11' x 8'4" Circa:1900
an early 20th Century Persian Tabriz carpet with An all over light green background garden design.

Item No: BB5781

A Persian Tabriz Rug BB5703

Size: 12'3" x 7'2" C:1920
antique Persian carpet from Tabriz, the tan field with an overall floral sprays around.

Item No: BB5703

Persian Kirman carpet BB5778

Size: 18'6" x 13'2" Circa:1900
An early 20th century Persian Kirman (Kerman) antique rug, the abrashed camel field with a spacious symmetrical design.

Item No: BB5778

A Persian Tabriz carpet BB5728

Size: 21' x 12'5" Circa:1920
an early 20th Century Persian Tabriz carpet with An all over light green background garden design.

Item No: BB5728
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