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An Antique Indian Amritsar Rug BB5462

Size: 17'3'' × 14'3'' Circa: 1900

Item No: BB5462

An Indian Rug BB5444

Size: 17'1'' × 11' Circa: 1920

Item No: BB5444

An Indian Agra Rug BB5441

Size: 23'7'' × 14'9'' Circa: 1880

Item No: BB5441

A North Indian Rug BB5425

Size: 24'3'' × 14' Circa: 1900

Item No: BB5425

An Indian Agra Rug BB5404

Size: 8'7'' × 6'10'' Circa: 1940

Item No: BB5404

An Indian Amristar Rug ( size adjusted) BB5400

Size: 33'4'' × 14'7'' Circa: 1880

Item No: BB5400

A Dhurrie Flat Weave Rug BB5370

Size: 11'9'' × 8'4'' Circa: 1950

Item No: BB5370

An Indian Rug BB5360

Size: 16'7'' × 16'4'' Circa: 1900

Item No: BB5360

An Indian Amritsar Rug BB5318

Size: 16' × 10'7'' Circa: 1920

Item No: BB5318

An Indian Rug BB5282

Size: 17'2'' × 11'9'' Circa: 1920

Item No: BB5282

An Indian Rug BB5280

Size: 30'6'' × 14'8'' Circa: 1920

Item No: BB5280

An Indian Agra Rug BB5272

Size: 10' × 7'1'' Circa: 1920
An Antique Cotton Indian Agra Rug.

Item No: BB5272

An Indian Rug BB5257

Size: 23'8'' × 13' Circa: 1880

Item No: BB5257

An Indian Amritsar Rug BB5233

Size: 18'4'' × 14'

Item No: BB5233

A Indian Carpet (size adjusted) BB5224

Size: 14'8'' × 15'2''

Item No: BB5224

A Indian Carpet BB5195

Size: 12'8'' × 11'7'' Circa: 1920
An early 20th century Indian antique carpet with an overall lozenge trellis in light green, brown and beige...

Item No: BB5195

A Indian Carpet BB5194

Size: 19'0'' × 11'9'' Circa: 1920
A Indian Carpet

Item No: BB5194

An Indian Amritsar Rug BB5191

Size: 9'4'' × 7'9'' Circa: 1880
An Indian Amritsar Rug

Item No: BB5191

An Indian Rug BB5160

Size: 32'4'' × 15'10'' Circa: 1920
An Indian Rug

Item No: BB5160

An Indian Dhurrie Rug BB5121

Size: 6'2'' × 4'5'' Circa: 1940
A Vintage Indian Dhurrie rug with a diagonal ribbon pattern created with alternating saturated shades...

Item No: BB5121

An Indian Rug BB5118

Size: 28' × 15'9'' Circa: 1920
An exceptional early 20th century Indian rug with an intricate all-over pattern...

Item No: BB5118

An Indian Agra Rug BB5109

Size: 13'2'' × 10'8'' Circa: 1880
A Jewel Toned Indian Agra Rug with a symetrical design of abstract floral and geometric shapes...

Item No: BB5109

An Indian Agra Rug BB5089

Size: 24' × 17'3'' Circa: 1880
Antique Indian Agra Rug, Late 19th Century. Contrasting Chocolate Brown abstract and geometric shapes...

Item No: BB5089

An Indian Amritsar Rug BB5067

Size: 25'9'' × 14'8'' Circa: 1900
Antique Indian Amritsar rug. An Intricate pattern creates an overall lace design...

Item No: BB5067

An Indian Agra Rug BB5054

Size: 17'4'' × 14'10'' Circa: 1900
An Antique Indian Agra Rug (Cotton) with an allover abstract design...

Item No: BB5054

An Indian Dhurrie Rug BB5025

Size: 15'2'' × 7'10'' Circa: 1940
A Modern Mid 20th Century Indian Dhurrie Rug with an interlocking abstract all over design...

Item No: BB5025

An Indian Amritsar Rug BB5022

Size: 18'4'' × 11'5'' Circa: 1900
An Antique Indian Amritsar Rug with a symetrical design...

Item No: BB5022

An Indian Amritsar Rug BB5008

Size: 12' × 8'7'' Circa: 1920
Early 20th Century Indian Amritsar woven with a modern color pallete. A Camel Field with various shades of orange creating abstract floral ...

Item No: BB5008

An Indian Amritsar Rug BB4996

Size: 17'7'' × 14'6'' Circa: 1880
A Late 19th Century Indian Amritsar Rug with a floral and vine design finely woven in a subtle tone on tone nuetral ...

Item No: BB4996

An Indian Agra Rug BB4980

Size: 8'4'' × 6' Circa: 1920
An Indian Agra Rug with a modernist influence. Abstract geometric shapes placed symetrically and mirrored. Nuetrals contrasted with black, r ...

Item No: BB4980

An Indian Agra Rug BB4935

Size: 6'10'' × 4'2'' Circa: 1900
An Antique Cotton Indian Agra Rug with an unusually modern geometric floral and leaf design rendered invibrant colors on a dark green ...

Item No: BB4935

An Indian Rug BB4923

Size: 20'8'' × 13'10'' Circa: 1900
An Antique Indian rug with a design inspired by the tree of life. The branches are ornamented with flowers and birds while ...

Item No: BB4923

An Indian Rug BB4916

Size: 21'7'' × 11'10'' Circa: 1920
A finely woven Indian Rug that is stylistically inspired by the motifs found in Persian rugs from the city of Tabriz. Abstract ...

Item No: BB4916

An Indian Rug BB4912

Size: 8' × 4'3'' Circa: 1940
A Mid 20th Century Indian Rug with a traditional design on a deep eggplant field ...

Item No: BB4912

An Indian Amritsar Runner BB4894

Size: 22'9'' × 3' Circa: 1900
An Indian Amritsar Runner. Abstract floral and vine design on an abrashed warm brown field. ...

Item No: BB4894

An Indian Dhurrie BB4887

Size: 11'10'' × 11'5'' Circa: 1940
A Mid 20th Century Indian Dhurrie Rug with a modern geometric flowers in an all over grid design. ...

Item No: BB4887

An Indian Agra BB4883

Size: 24'10'' × 15' Circa: 1920
Early 20th Century Cotton Indian Agra with an allover floral design an a warm white field. Unusually clean crisp colors incorporated into ...

Item No: BB4883

An Indian Amritsar Rug

Size: 15'6'' × 9'9'' Circa: 1900
A finely woven Antique Indian Amritsar . Nuetral shades of interlocking geometric shapes create an abstract allover design within a floral a ...

Item No: BB4881

BB4855 An Indian Rug

Size: 18'3'' × 12' Circa: 1900
Antique Indian Rug with a meandering design of branches, vines, birds and simplistic flowers. Rendered in nuetrals and abrashed blues. Frame ...

Item No: BB4855

An Indian Amritsar rug

Size: 11'8'' × 9'8'' Circa: 1900
Antique Indian Amritsar rugs often had subtle color palettes such as the present example. The beige field and slightly contrasting allover ...

Item No: BB4825

An Indian Dhurrie rug

Size: 14'6'' × 14'6'' Circa: 1940
Unusual among the Indian Dhurrie rugs in the Doris Leslie Blau collection, this example has a light brown field beneath a simple ...

Item No: BB4824

An Indian Amritsar rug

Size: 19'8'' × 13' Circa: 1880
This late 19th century antique Amritsar rug has an open ivory field with no border. ...

Item No: BB4814

An Indian rug (size adjusted) BB4686

Size: 29'7'' × 13'9'' Circa: 1900
An Indian rug having a dark blue field beneath a primarily beige trellis of carefully-arranged vinery and flower heads ...

Item No: BB4686

An Indian Amritsar rug BB4685

Size: 21'10'' × 19'2'' Circa: 1880
An Indian Amritsar rug having an open camel field beneath an unusual geometric medallion containing and surrounded ...

Item No: BB4685

An Indian rug (size adjusted) BB4682

Size: 17'9'' × 14'7'' Circa: 1920
A North Indian rug having a greenish blue field beneath a palmette, rosette and flowering vinery trellis ...

Item No: BB4682

An Indian rug BB4676

Size: 14'9'' × 11'7'' Circa: 1920
An Indian rug having a camel field with a delicately drawn allover pattern of flowering bushes and floral vinery ...

Item No: BB4676

An Indian Agra rug BB4670

Size: 19'5'' × 12' Circa: 1900
An Indian Agra rug having a dense allover pattern of miniature beige botehs on a black field within a series of brown ...

Item No: BB4670

An Indian Amritsar carpet BB4633

Size: 11' × 8'6'' Circa: 1900
An early 20th century Indian Amritsar antique rug, the dark red field with a beige all over floral vinery pattern ...

Item No: BB4633

An Indian Amritsar rug BB4606

Size: 16'2'' × 9'8'' Circa: 1900
An early 20th century Indian Amritsar two-toned antique rug, the camel field with scattered and abstracted floral ...

Item No: BB4606

An Indian Amritsar rug BB4597

Size: 17'3'' × 14'2'' Circa: 1900
An early 20th century Indian Amritsar rug, the muted moss green field with an allover trellis in beige of feathery ...

Item No: BB4597
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Antique Indian Rugs

Indian carpet weaving was at its height during Mughal dynasty. The earliest Mughal carpets from the 16th century reveal the heavy influence of Persian carpet weaving traditions, which were brought to India by Persian rug weavers. However, by seventeenth century, Mughal rug designs had begun to reflect more Indian motifs and had also become more naturalistic due to the affect that European trade had on the arts of India. Despite the array of influences, the rugs of Agra, Lahore, and Fatehpur Sikri as a whole reflect the Mughals' great respect for and appreciation of nature, along with their high standards of craftsmanship. The steady demise of the Mughal Empire was accompanied by a decline in the production of fine oriental rugs that was only revitalized by the British in the nineteenth century. While the rugs that were made during the late 19th century in India recall Mughal designs, for the most part, they were finely-knotted interpretations of both classical Indian and Persian designs, often in subtle color palettes to cater to European decorative preferences. The two main cities of late 19th century antique Indian carpet weaving are Agra and Amritsar. While Amritsar rugs are often whimsical, informal and in soft earthy tones, Agra rugs are frequently characterized by their deeper colors and fine weaves.