Antique Indian Rugs

History of Antique Indian Rugs 

Indian carpet weaving was at its height during Mughal dynasty. The earliest Mughal carpets from the 16th century reveal the heavy influence of Persian carpet weaving traditions, which were brought to India by Persian rug weavers. However, by seventeenth century, Mughal rug designs had begun to reflect more Indian motifs and had also become more naturalistic due to the affect that European trade had on the arts of India. Despite the array of influences, the rugs of Agra, Lahore, and Fatehpur Sikri as a whole reflect the Mughals' great respect for and appreciation of nature, along with their high standards of craftsmanship. The steady demise of the Mughal Empire was accompanied by a decline in the production of fine Indian rugs that was only revitalized by the British in the nineteenth century.

While the rugs that were made during the late 19th century in India recall Mughal designs, for the most part, they were finely-knotted interpretations of both classical Indian and Persian designs, often in subtle color palettes to cater to European decorative preferences. The two main cities of late 19th century antique Indian carpet weaving are Agra and Amritsar. While Amritsar rugs are often whimsical, informal and in soft earthy tones, Agra rugs are frequently characterized by their deeper colors and fine weaves.

An Exceptional Collection of Antique Indian Carpets

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Indian Antique Rug BB6263
Size: 25'5'' × 11'9'' Circa: 1920
An early 20th century antique Indian rug, Circa: 1920, Origin: India. This extraordinary rug is undoubtedly a masterpiece of a skilful weaver. Its high knot density, characteristic for Indian handicraft, is a proof of its astonishing quality and great care with...
Item No: BB6263
Turkish Sivas Rug BB6262
Size: 18'6'' × 12'10'' Circa: 1930
Turkish Sivas Rug, an early 20th century antique Turkish rug, Circa: 1930, Origin: Turkey. This magnificent Turkish rug from Sivas is the courtliness itself. Everything in it amuses—from its impressive size, through the elegant color palette, to the abundant...
Item No: BB6262
Antique Indian  Rug BB6275
Size: 14'5'' × 12'4'' Circa: 1910
Antique Indian Rug, an early 20th century antique Indian rug, Circa: 1910, Origin: India. This majestic carpet is a paradigm of Indian palace elegance. Everything about it is grand – from its size, through high-knot density to the intricate pattern. Indian rugs...
Item No: BB6275
An Indian Rug BB6020
Size: 13'7'' × 11'7'' Circa: 1920
This striking circa-1920 antique Indian rug consists of a lattice formed by closely-spaced flower shapes in shades of purple, against a field of sienna. Floral motifs prevail throughout the antique carpet, and a border containing scrolling vines and flowers...
Item No: BB6020
An Indian Amritsar carpet BB0905
Size: 18'4'' × 12'1'' Circa: 1900
An early 20th century antique North Indian Amritsar carpet, the beige field with staggered floral motifs with four...
Item No: BB0905
An Indian Amritsar rug BB5564
Size: 13'5'' × 10'10'' Circa: 1880
A late 19th century Indian Amritsar antique rug, the dark brown field with a palmette, serrated leaf and flowering...
Item No: BB5564
An Indian Agra rug BB5940
Size: 9' × 8'10'' Circa: 1900
An early 20th century Indian Agra rug, the pale caramel field with an allover lozenge lattice formed by flowering vines, each lozenge containing floral motifs with ochre accents overall within a condensed palmette and serrated leaf border.
Item No: BB5940
An Indian Amritsar rug BB3766
Size: 17'4'' × 9'8'' Circa: 1900
A truly beautiful antique Amritsar rug woven in India around the turn of the twentieth century. Characterized by a beautifully precise line work as well as a charmingly muted pallet of pale tan and gold, this Amritsar exemplifies some of the finest qualities of...
Item No: BB3766
Size: 13'5'' × 12'10'' Circa: 1880
This circa-1880 antique Indian Agra rug features an elaborate all-over design of floral motifs in gray with sharp brown accents, within a stepped lozenge olive green field. A main border containing arabesques and abstractions in eye-catching splashes of yellow...
Item No: BB5607
An Indian Amristar Rug ( size adjusted) BB5400
Size: 33'4'' × 14'7'' Circa: 1880
This late 19th century Indian Amritsar rug features an elaborate stepped lozenge field with geometric and floral abstractions in beige and blue, and a multi-border perimeter enclosing more botanical patterns. Amritsar rugs and carpets are produced in Amritsar...
Item No: BB5400
Indian Amritsar Rug BB5769
Size: 16'9'' × 12'1'' Circa: 1920
An early 20th century Indian Amritsar rug, the tan field with a palmate, cloud band and flowering vine trellis overall within a brown palmate border.
Item No: BB5769
An Indian Amritsar rug BB0450
Size: 23'2'' × 12'8'' Circa: 1880
A fine example from our selection of late 19th century Indian Amritsar antique rugs, the camel field with cypresses...
Item No: BB0450
An Indian Agra rug BB5599
Size: 13' × 11'8'' Circa: 1880
A late 19th century Indian Agra rug, the garnet field with a dynamic allover trellis of cloudbands, palmettes...
Item No: BB5599
An Indian Agra carpet BB5675
Size: 18'1'' × 17'7'' Circa: 1880
A late 19th century Indian antique rug, the cocoa field with an allover dense design of palmettes and floral...
Item No: BB5675
An Indian Amritsar rug BB2595
Size: 25'10'' × 13'7'' Circa: 1880
A fine example from our collection of late 19th century Indian Amritsar antique rugs of exceptional vitality...
Item No: BB2595
An Indian Amritsar Rug BB5191
Size: 9'4'' × 7'9'' Circa: 1880
This late 19th Century Indian Amritsar rug features a rectangular field of leaf and floral designs along with curlicue abrtractions in purple outline against an oatmeal-beige background. The guard border consists of repeating diamond shapes, also in purple, and a...
Item No: BB5191
An Indian Amritsar rug BB0852
Size: 16' × 13'9'' Circa: 1890
An early 20th century antique Amritsar carpet, the abrashed beige field with a palmette cloudband and vinery trellis...
Item No: BB0852
An Indian Amritsar rug BB4423
Size: 20'2'' × 15'3'' Circa: 1880
A late 19th century Indian Amritsar antique rug, the cream field with an overall design of scattered unusually...
Item No: BB4423
An Indian Agra carpet BB3151
Size: 17'7'' × 14'3'' Circa: 1880
A late 19th century Indian Agra garden carpet, the rich abrashed forest green with a symmetrical trellis overall o...
Item No: BB3151
An Indian Amritsar carpet BB3076
Size: 13'6'' × 11'7'' Circa: 1900
An early 20th century Indian Amritsar carpet, the unusually gold and green striated field with a palmette, enlarged...
Item No: BB3076
An Indian rug BB5733
Size: 20'7'' × 18' Circa: 1950
A modern mid century rug from North India, the camel field with a trellis of curving feathery leaves and angular tendrils.
Item No: BB5733
An Indian Amritsar carpet BB5751
Size: 20'2'' × 13'3'' Circa: 1900
An early 20th century Indian Amritsar antique rug, the camel field with an allover lozenge lattice pattern.
Item No: BB5751
An Indian Amritsar Rug BB5022
Size: 18'4'' × 11'5'' Circa: 1900
An Antique Indian Amritsar Rug with a symetrical design that is mirrored in both directions. Predominately nuetral with a hint of green in the abrashed border.
Item No: BB5022
An Indian Amritsar carpet BB5665
Size: 12'8'' × 9'5'' Circa: 1880
A late 19th century antique Indian Amritsar rug, the caramel field with a cream palmette formed medallion...
Item No: BB5665
An Indian Amritsar carpet BB5600
Size: 12'9'' × 10'1'' Circa: 1900
An early 20th century Indian Amritsar antique rug, the abrashed taupe field with an allover trellis design...
Item No: BB5600
An Indian Amritsar rug BB5570
Size: 14' × 9'9'' Circa: 1900
An early 20th century antique Amritsar carpet from India, the sand field with a spacious overall pattern of floral...
Item No: BB5570
An Indian rugBB5669
Size: 16'11'' × 11'2'' Circa: 1900
A fine example from the DLB gallery's collection of early 20th century antique Indian rugs, the cream field...
Item No: BB5669
An Indian Amritsar Rug
Size: 15'6'' × 9'9'' Circa: 1900
A finely woven Antique Indian Amritsar. neutral shades of interlocking geometric shapes create an abstract allover design within a floral a...
Item No: BB4881
An Antique Indian Amritsar Rug BB5462
Size: 17'3'' × 14'3'' Circa: 1900
The city of Amritsar, situated in Northwestern India, became a center of Indian carpet and rug weaving in the nineteenth century when the Maharaja Ranjit Singh annexed Kashmir, the flourishing shawl weaving center. The rise of British supremacy in the 1850s...
Item No: BB5462
A North Indian rug BB6035
Size: 27' × 16'5'' Circa: 1920
This circa-1920 antique North Indian rug features an elegant all-over design of botanical motifs of trees and flowers flanked by peacocks and exotic birds, sketched in delicate inky blue against a field of gold. The production of antique Indian rugs and carpets...
Item No: BB6035