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The fundamentals of weaving antique rugs have not changed for centuries many of the earliest known techniques and materials are still in use in the major rug producing regions of the world today such as Turkey, China, Persia, India, Morocco, and Europe. Antique rugs can stand on their own for historical importance and cultural significance. Each culture ensures the longevity of their design iconography through the making of the rugs. Most high-end antique carpets, especially those from Persia or India, have traditionally been made in sophisticated urban settings where a high value was placed on such fine artistry. The more tribal and casual carpets were woven by nomadic tribesmen and women as they had access to coarser material and didn't have the advantage of an established rug loom.

The Golden age of rug weaving in India, Persia and Turkey occurred in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries due to the Industrial revolution in Europe. For the newly emerged merchant class at the time, oriental rugs primarily functioned as beautiful status symbols of wealth and good taste. Most of the rugs in the Doris Leslie Blau collection were produced during this period.

Antique carpets can vary in color, size, design, and material. The current trend in buying antique rugs is towards neutral colors which can be used in any environment. Although antique rugs come in a myriad of colors, every rug has the potential to anchor a room and to create an inviting ambiance. After all, Edgar Allen Poe once wrote that " the soul of the apartment is in the carpet."

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A Beshir (Russia) Rug BB5714

Size: 15'9'' × 7'3''

Item No: BB5714

Turkish Sivas BB5640

Size: 19'2'' × 14'1'' Circa: 1920

Item No: BB5640

An Indian Carpet (Size Adjusted) BB5639

Size: 16'9'' × 12' Circa: 1920

Item No: BB5639

A Persian Tabriz Carpet BB5638

Size: 17'3'' × 12'5'' Circa: 1900

Item No: BB5638

A Samarkand Rug BB5637

Size: 13' × 6'10'' Circa: 1920

Item No: BB5637

Turkish Hereke BB5636

Size: 7'4'' × 4'6'' Circa: 1880

Item No: BB5636

A Persian Kirman Rug BB5635

Size: 6' × 4'2'' Circa: 1920

Item No: BB5635

A Persian Kirman Carpet BB5634

Size: 7'8'' × 4'4'' Circa: 1920

Item No: BB5634

A Deco Chinese Rug BB5633

Size: 7'8'' × 5' Circa: 1930

Item No: BB5633

A Deco Chinese Rug BB5632

Size: 6'7'' × 4' Circa: 1940

Item No: BB5632

A Persian Kirman Carpet BB5631

Size: 12'5'' × 8'10'' Circa: 1900

Item No: BB5631

A Chinese Rug BB5630

Size: 16'9'' × 13'5'' Circa: 1939

Item No: BB5630

A Persian Sultanabd rug BB5671

Size: 19' x 11' Circa:1920
A highly-decorative late 20th century persian sultanabad.

Item No: BB5671

Swedish Half-Pile Rug BB5706

Size: 6'5'' × 3'6'' Circa: 1940

Item No: BB5706

Swedish Flat Weave by Carl Dagel BB5707

Size: 8'4'' × 5'3'' Circa: 1940

Item No: BB5707

Swedish Flat Weave by Judith Johansson BB5708

Size: 10' × 7'2'' Circa: 1940

Item No: BB5708

Swedish Flat Weave by Ingrid Dessau BB5709

Size: 7' × 4'10'' Circa: 1940

Item No: BB5709

MMF (Huskatten) Swedish Pile Rug BB5705

Size: 6'3'' × 4' Circa: 1940

Item No: BB5705

A Persian Sultanabad Rug BB5653

Size: 10' x 8' Circa1920
An early 20th century persian Sultanabad antique rug.

Item No: BB5653

A Chinese rug BB5652

size: 12' x 9' Circa:1940
An early 20th century Antique Chinese Deco rug

Item No: BB5652

A Swedish Half Pile Rug by Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom BB5678

Size 10' x 8' Circa: 1940
An early 20th century Swedish rug by Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom

Item No: BB5678

A Turkish Sivas Rug BB5710

Size: 10' × 6'4''

Item No: BB5710

Swedish Flat Weave BB5695

Size: 6'9'' × 4'9'' Circa: 1940

Item No: BB5695

Swedish Rug by Marta Maas-Fjetterstrom (Dukater) BB5699

Size: 10'7'' × 9' Circa: 1940

Item No: BB5699

A French Deco Rug BB5711

Size: 9' × 6'5''

Item No: BB5711
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