This antique runner, woven in the city of Hamadan by a skilled craftsman, is everything carpet aficionado could wish for. Made with a great love and care, it sports a complex design, which astonishes with its exotic beauty. While geometric shapes dominate here, weaver hid single flowers among figures, combining sharp edges with delicate accents. Effect is truly stunning - few carpets can find balance between strength and gentleness, but this one manages it with unseen ease. Colors complement the pattern perfectly - dark shades of red and blue are accompanied by much gentler hues, creating a graceful composition that leaves us all in awe. While Persian runners are not a common sight, they look perfect in a modern interiors, especially in long corridors.  

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Persian Hamadan Runner
Item No. BB6372

Price: $12,000
Size: 11'5" × 3'8" (348 × 112 cm)
Color palette:
Persian Hamadan Runner BB6372